Thursday, 16 March 2017

Two funny observations this morning

1. I got up and got dressed in the semi-dark as always, a black top and what I thought were black pants. I went downstairs, had breakfast, read my scriptures, did a little yoga, and went to work. On the way, I thought about things I'm grateful for and decided to try to be more mindful today. Rode the bus. Stopped for a doughnut and to sit and read the newspaper. Got to work. Went into the washroom...and discovered my pants were blue, not black. It took me three hours to notice. So much for being mindful!

2. Last week my husband's credit card number was stolen. MasterCard called us to say someone had spent $3000 at Best Buy with his card. Luckily they will reimburse us and everything, but he has to get a new card. Last night a box was delivered to our home...a Macintosh computer from Best Buy. The thief had it delivered to the address associated with the credit card, instead of his own address! How's that for smart? We'll call Best Buy and MasterCard again and figure out how to return it. Just had to laugh, though.

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