Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Sorry I haven't written much lately...

Computer still fried so I have to go to the city library to use their computers until I can get mine fixed. So you won't hear from me very frequently for a while. The weather has turned from icy to sweltering in a matter of days. Last week it was too cold to harden off my seedlings, and this week it's too hot. They may end up having to live indoors this summer. For tomatoes and such that isn't a problem, but twenty-foot squash vines and giant cabbages may be a bit cramped in the dining room...

I always had this fantasy of pouring gravel a foot deep on my floors, setting out flagstone stepping stones, a water feature, some potted plants, and just having an indoor garden. Other than the fact that the floors couldn't hold the weight and the whole house would collapse, and vacuuming would be difficult... why not?

I also want a water slide going from my upstairs bedroom window down to the pool...

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


My husband and I got to do a good deed the other day. We were zooming down the highway when I happened to glance over and saw 25-30 goats on the side of the road. They'd gotten out of their fence and were cheerfully grazing right by the busy highway. My husband did a U-turn (yes. On the highway) and left me on the side of the road to wave my arms around and keep the goats off the road while he went in search of the farmhouse. He was back a few moments later with the very grateful farmer. All the farmer had to do was whistle once, and the goats immediately marched back through the hole in the fence and into safer pastures.

Felt nice to do someone a good turn, and enjoyable to stand in the sunshine watching these lovely, interesting animals. I think if I were a farmer, goats would be high on my list of animals to care for.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Technology has turned against me

Well, in the past week a huge storm fried my computer, the air conditioning in the car died, the washer went on the fritz and flooded my basement, the TV refused to work for a while, and the door of the hotel where we stayed for a couple of nights wouldn't open. It's one of those weeks when it's safer to just stay in bed with a book and a flashlight.