Thursday, 16 March 2017


For those of you wondering if the thief was lying wait, planning to break into our house to steal the computer after it was delivered...Hasn't happened. And my husband has now turned it back in, so if anyone does break in, they're out of luck. Nothing else in my house is worth $3,000, including the clunky old machine I'm typing on right now.

Think about it. How can you order anything online with a stolen credit card? If you put in your own address, the police can nab you. If you arrange to pick it up at the store, the police can be there waiting for you. The only option is to have it delivered to the credit card owner's address and then break in and get it. Seems like a lot of bother, doesn't it? It's easier to be honest.

Though I am going to have a word with Best Buy about their online order form prepopulating with our home address. Now the thief has it too. I bet most online retailers have that same safety hazard.

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