Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Just Ask

I am slowly cluing in to the fact that if you just ask for what you want, you tend to get it. And if you never put yourself out there and ask, you likely won't get it. Sounds basic, right? But it's been more and more obvious in my life lately.

The other day I mentioned to someone that I was interested in learning to do tapestry. And she happens to have an actual tapestry loom that she's not using and would be happy to let me use.

I mentioned to someone else that I once learned to spin wool and would be interested in doing it again. And she said she has her great-great-great-grandmother's spinning wheel she's happy to unload on me.

I have been wondering in my heart whether any of my efforts at teaching the youth at church are sinking in (because I can hardly get them to talk), but someone came up to me on Sunday and told me she's heard great, positive feedback from the youth about me so far, which gives me encouragement.

And just yesterday I told my boss I was having trouble finding someone to watch my dogs now that my husband is starting a new full-time job...and the outcome is that I now work half-days on the two days a week that were a problem...using just one vacation day a month to cover it. Oh, and my title has been upgraded to Executive Assistant, without my asking for it. So I solve the dog problem and get a couple of writing nights a week, just like that.

Well. So problems are being solved left and right, God is providing what I need, and things are looking up. It makes me think a little harder about what I ask for and what I project out there into the universe, though. I don't want to take too much advantage!

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