Saturday, 16 July 2016

Learning New Things

I am still putting together this contremarch loom I was recently given. There are so many pieces and cords and strings...I find myself humming "The thigh bone connects to the hip bone..." as I crawl around under it, trying to sort out the tangle. It's as if a gigantic kitten had been given a big ball of yarn and a pile of lumber. It would be easier to put together a BMW.

I recently filled out an application for something that asked me what kind of approach I take when I learn something new. I think in my younger years, I would have responded that I read instructions whenever I am tackling something unfamiliar. I learned by reading. I've never had much success learning by listening. I don't have the memory capacity. Now I think I've become more of a visual learner. I have talked to members of the local weavers' guild and invited one to my home to take a look at my mess. I'm arranging to go visit someone with a similar loom so I can see exactly how hers is set up. And there are - I'm learning - YouTube videos for everything under the sun.

I am struck by how friendly these women are that I'm meeting, and I'm touched that someone would give 2 1/2 hours of her evening to help a stranger. I look forward to joining the guild and meeting a new social circle. There's something appealing about learning such an ancient craft that hasn't changed fundamentally in hundreds of years and requires no electricity.

Here's the loom now, nearly sorted.

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