Friday, 8 July 2016

Carrying Water Part Two

My friend Penny came to help me haul water to the Salvation Army food bank garden this week. We would relay back and forth between spigot and garden with watering cans so neither of us had to walk the whole distance with a full can. Ordinarily it takes me over an hour to do it and it's back-breaking work, but with just one person helping, it cut the work in half. We were done in 30 minutes and I could still walk upright at the end.

It's amazing how much help it is if even one person chips in. It really drove home to me that everyone's contribution is valuable and has an impact, even if they may think they aren't contributing much or making a big difference. If you are ever prompted to do something for someone else, carry through and do it and don't let any feeling of inadequacy stop you. My mom always said never ignore a charitable impulse. You never know what impact even a small gesture will have.

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