Thursday, 28 July 2016

Anti-Corporate Slogans

At 4:30 this morning, as I dragged myself out of sleep to face another commute to work, I had a sudden idea for a small business: T-Shirts, mugs, mouse pads, backpacks, etc. imprinted with a selection of anti-corporate things such as the following:
  • A picture of someone rock climbing, with the phrase "The only upward mobility I care about."
  • A picture of someone fishing on a peaceful lake, with the phrase "My liquid assets."
  • A picture of a healthy Longhorn bull wandering in a meadow in the sunlight, with the phrase "This is my kind of bull market."
  • A beautiful treehouse with a rope ladder temptingly dangling down, and the phrase "This is the only ladder I want to climb."
  • A basket of deliciously plump, juicy berries and the phrase "My Blackberry."
  • A lovely sailboat on a lake, with the phrase "I'll be on my cell sail."
You get the idea. Think they'd sell?

They sounded like good ideas at 4:30.

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