Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Things I Saw in the Last 24 Hours

  • Two skunks chasing each other in happy circles, drawing closer and closer to the bus stop where I waited. (Dilemma: Do I stand my ground and catch the approaching bus? Do I flee and miss my ride?)
  • A man on a motorized scooter, hunched over like Mario Andretti, intent on winning the Indy 500 as he putted along at 1 mile per hour.
  • A young man practising walking the tightrope on a narrow strap strung between two trees in the park.
  • Another young man near him, practising his juggling. (Is the circus in town?)
  • Two men walking along together, one with impeccably groomed hair and a shave, wearing tousled raggedy clothing, and the other in a tight, neat suit but with wildly scruffy hair and beard. It looked as if their heads had somehow swapped bodies.
  • A nicely dressed woman in a lovely dress, with bright purple tennis shoes.
  • A woman walking along so intent on gazing at the clouds in the sky that she was in danger of bumping into things. Another woman walking along so intent on the phone in her fist that she was in the same danger.
  • An Asian man taking a photo of the back of a tour bus, close up. I failed to see the attraction. Was it for identification purposes in case he got separated from his tour group?
  • Another man squatting down to take close-up shots of some tulips, then jumping up and striding briskly away (Mission accomplished!).
  • A Hungarian woman with a spade, filling plastic bags with dirt in the woods. I thought maybe she was sneaking trilliums on the sly, but she said it was just that she needed soil for her garden.

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