Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Cost of Food

I am hearing a lot lately about the cost of food going up. There was a whole spread in the newspaper about $8 cauliflower. Of all things. There are few veggies I'd spend that much money for, and cauliflower isn't one of them.

I am glad for the fact that I know how to grow my own food, and I'm glad for what yard space I have for a vegetable garden. I wish I had more land, and access to a supply of water and fuel. You know, just in case.

I know in the past the garden supply places I've gotten seeds from have run out of some of the varieties I wanted to plant, and I thought this year there might be a run on them in earnest. So I have placed my seed order early. I got them from Salt Spring Seeds and Baker Creek Seeds, my two favourite places. I sometimes wonder if the $60 spent on seeds and shipping is really balanced by the value of the food produced, but I think this year there won't be much question.

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