Friday, 18 May 2012

Things That Defeat Me

  • The cereal box that keeps appearing on the counter, which I've put away three times already this morning.
  • Disentangling the drawstring of a hooded sweatshirt from the paddle in my washer.
  • Having to throw out a perfectly good glove whose only fault is that it doesn't have a mate. I mean, we don't do that to people, after all.
  • Wondering how my kid came home from school with only one boot. Did he not notice one foot was wet?
  • Easter and Halloween candy hidden in the closet with the promise to myself that I won't get into it before the holiday.
  • When I'm going through my performance appraisal at work and my boss asks where I see myself in five years. Do I have to answer honestly? Is it okay to say "Barefoot on a beach, far far from you"?
  • The little bowl of jelly beans on my co-worker's desk.
  • My son's Grade Eight math. I swear I've done this before. Why can't I remember it?
  • Bus time tables.
  • Small talk.
  • Figuring out how I got to work wearing two mismatched socks - neither of which is mine.

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