Saturday, 5 May 2012

An Eruption of Bunnies

The other night I was working in my garden, and a large wild hare hopped in to join me. She slipped inside a wire cage I've erected over my carrot patch (to keep rabbits out - obviously unsuccessful). And suddenly the ground erupted with little furry baby bunnies. There was a hidden burrow among my carrots. Smart girl to put it there, where the wire would keep out hawks and dogs. Mama stood spread-eagled while they nursed, a bemused look on her face. She didn't seem to notice me at all, where I stood with my mouth open.

I counted six babies. A couple of them lay on their backs to nurse, their hind legs sticking out from under her like mechanics working on a car. After a few minutes, Mama hopped casually away and the babies tumbled back into the burrow. Within minutes you couldn't see where they had been, not a clue left behind of their existence.

I am reconciled to doing without carrots this summer.

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