Sunday, 6 May 2012

Emergency Evacuation

We had a severe rainstorm the other night, and when I went out to check the rabbit burrow, it was vacated. Just a shallow depression in the ground with an inch of water in it. I found one baby rabbit under the hedge while I was weeding, but there's no sign of the other five.

Now I know rabbits have been breeding and raising their young successfully without my help for thousands of years. But I feel responsible for these little guys, you know? They're too young to be on their own - they're still nursing. How will Mama find them, scattered all over the yard? How will she call them together? Did they have a plan ahead of time for such emergencies? "If the burrow floods, we'll meet there." Just how organized are rabbits, anyway?

They are in the hands of the universe, I suppose, and there's nothing I can do but hope and watch. A vegetable gardener hoping the six bunnies survive? Well, of course. They are my children.

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