Saturday, 5 March 2016

Down for the Count...Again

With the whole family crammed into the house and everyone scattering every day to various workplaces and schools, we seem to bring home every virus out there. As soon as I'm over one thing, I catch another. We lob illnesses back and forth like a hot potato. Came home from work early yesterday and went straight to bed. Will spend today in bed too. I feel bad I'm just lying there when there's so much to do, but I guess it's a good chance to catch up on working through my training manual (I'm newly made the first counselor in the Relief Society and have no clue what I'm doing), and I'm reading a good novel right now about 17th-century Mennonites. So I'll curl up with my reading and my mug of mint tea and wait for this, too, to pass. Until the next thing hits.

What I really need is two weeks away somewhere warm, where I can do nothing but rest and recover and rebuild the immune system. A girl can dream, hey?

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