Saturday, 12 March 2016

A Co-operative Community

Today my husband and I took Son Number Two and his friend to check out Whole Village, an intentional co-operative community near Orangeville. Fascinating! Lovely! I gazed out over the tawny hills and smelled the fresh air and suddenly this trip -- instigated by Son Number Two -- became about something else altogether. I found myself wondering if I could live in such a place myself. Fields of vegetables and soft fruit, pond, forest, and wetlands. A beautiful, well-built house. And though I only met a few people from the community itself, the woman who conducted the orientation was a delight. I could easily see myself being friends and working on projects together. She has boundless energy and could teach me a lot, I'm sure. It was a place that would welcome creative energy and hard labour, peace and challenge both. There's room there for anything you want to imagine and undertake. And it's somewhere a person could grow old in, surrounded by supportive people ready to lend a hand or keep an eye out. I've always pictured myself living in my own space, isolated, self-contained. But there's a lot to be said for this kind of community. Definitely worth some thought.

There are people who say you should say yes to the next thing the universe brings you, whenever possible. I've always been the type to try to control what the universe offered me. Could I say yes to something of this magnitude? The founding principles and vision I agree with completely. Here's an opportunity to walk the talk. If not this, then what is next? If not now, when?

Much to think about.

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