Monday, 6 January 2014

Round Two

Another foot of snow. Covered by an inch of ice from freezing rain. Now it's snowing again. The broken trees once again bowing under their burden. Here we go again! Water stockpiled. Shovel conveniently placed at the back door (again). Prepared food at the ready. Freezer still empty, so if the power goes out, we're not going to lose anything. They're saying we'll get a flash freeze this morning, dropping from 0 to -32 in a matter of hours. Wrapped my kid up to his eyeballs and sent him off to school with a cheery wave. Now I'm going to curl up and write for a while, the dog asleep on my feet, the pleasant drone of snowplows humming in the background. It's a cozy sort of day. A day for hot chocolate, fuzzy blankets, and Benedict Cumberbatch on the telly. Does it get better than this?

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