Friday, 17 January 2014

Home from Hawaii

I returned yesterday, tired but replete with sunshine, with the sound of waves still washing in my ears. It was a productive week, in spite of the laziness. The manuscript for book eight was completed and turned in, and book number nine is underway. Something about the sea and a stretch of time without a job to go to unlocks the creative juices and pops the cork out of writer's block. It was lovely!

I'm pleased to report my dogs -- and my son -- survived a week without me. Last night I stretched out on the couch (those 20-hour travels wipe me out) and the two dogs vied with eachother over who could lie closest (or on top of) me. I said, "Chill out, guys. I've only been gone a week." But "gone a week" sounds like "go on a walk," apparently, at least to a Shih Tzu's ears. He went into his "freak out" dance he does whenever he thinks a walk is impending. So of course I couldn't disappoint him. They dragged me down the road, skidding on the ice and dodging the broken tree limbs still lying on the snow...and I nearly wept remembering the sand I'd left behind only hours before. Before I left Hawaii I soaked in the sunshine (actively, not passively!) trying to store up the heat in my skin to carry home with me.  Ah well.

The resolutions which formed during my retreat are manifold but basically can be summed up as "Stop wanting so much. Be content. Be grateful." So that is my goal for 2014.

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