Sunday, 6 October 2013

Catching Up

Here it is, well into October already! Time flies when you're...well, doing anything, really. It used to seem like summer spread out long and lazy like an endless flow of golden syrup. Now it's over in the blink of an eye. I've always liked that quote from Thoreau, roughly recalled: "Lo, it is morning, and lo, it is evening, and nothing memorable is accomplished."

I have been accomplishing things, though. Just this weekend I've made grape juice (37 litres). I've planted a jillion seeds in tiny pots, getting ready to move my gardening indoors for the winter. I've reconnected with a friend and we went to the farmer's market together, where I bought garlic to plant in the garden. I went to the greenhouse to get some triple mix. I ran to the bank. I've helped overhaul our house (new bamboo flooring put in upstairs - turning out lovely - but now reorganizing furniture and STUFF). I read for a while and watched two movies. Walked the dog and played fetch with Brio for - not kidding - four hours. Made bread this morning. Also watching an 8-hour church conference on the Internet this weekend... It all adds up to some busy hours! And that's just in one weekend. But even though it's busy, it's still a peaceful pleasure, and I dread going to work in Toronto tomorrow morning!

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