Saturday, 6 October 2018

Last Wander of the Season

My husband and I go on frequent drives through the countryside, from the minute the roads are passable in spring until the snow starts to fly in fall. We explore quaint villages and check out intriguing place names on the map. We explore waterfalls and walk on distant lake shores and just get to know our amazingly beautiful province a little better.

This weekend we made our---likely---last excursion north. Temperatures have dropped to about 8 celsius, Alberta has had snow already, and it's likely we'll just ramble closer to home now until spring. So this week we went up to Hanover to pick up some band supplies from Ben Bhraggie and stayed overnight in the area. The colours are out---deep red against a clear blue sky, the unearthly tint of a misty sunrise coming through orange and yellow trees. Just heavenly.

There's something so cozy about autumn. The smokey scent of wood stoves rising in the morning. The hollow clinking sound of dwindling rivers flowing over rocks. Crispy leaves underfoot. Children shouting to each other through the still air on their way to school. Snuggling down in my blanket and gloating that I don't have to go to school too. The visible breath of horses. And my favourite foods come on at autumn time--pumpkin pie, egg nog, butternut squash ravioli, hot chocolate...all the creamy, smooth goodness. Comfort foods.

Oooh. Wow, going to cut this short and go make pumpkin cookies, I think!

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