Saturday, 25 June 2016

Update on the Hydroponics Experiment

Well, the tomatoes and cucumbers we had growing in the hydroponic tanks showed spectacular growth, and they got quite a bit of small fruit on them, but the fruit never really developed. The tomatoes stayed hard little green pearls, and the cucumbers never got to more than a few centimetres and stayed white. We decided the issue was not enough light.

My husband rigged up several more grow lights, aiming at the plants from all directions. We waited a few more days. No change.

And then we decided that a huge electric bill was not justified for a handful of tiny tomatoes.

So down it all came, everything was turned off and disassembled, and we're back to rethinking all this. We haven't given up yet but we need to find a way to go about it differently. At least we know that pollination occurred, so there's potential. And it was great fun watching the twelve-foot tomatoes grow and grow into a pungent jungle.

Light has returned to the dining room (the tomatoes were blocking the window before). The house seems very quiet now, without the frequent gush of water.

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