Monday, 27 June 2016

Just shoot me now

Went to the staff lunch room to eat my spaghetti squash and read my book in peace. There were three coworkers at the adjoining table, and for half an hour the only thing they talked about was whether one of them should cut her hair or not. Pros and cons. Best styles. Whether guys like short or long hair better (though her colleagues hastened to assure her she should do it for her not for him).

Half an hour of this droning voice repeating itself. "I don't know if I should cut it short. Maybe I shouldn't cut it short." Aaugh! I admit it was the closest I've ever come to turning to a complete stranger and saying, "Just shave your head and shut up!" But I managed to control myself. I cut my lunch short and went silently back to my desk, while the debate rages on in the staff room.

Honestly, honey, the world is in turmoil, the ice caps are melting, refugees are risking drowning to reach Europe, society is rapidly devolving into tribes...and that's the best conversational topic you could come up with?

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