Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Small Kindnesses

Things I've seen today: Someone helped an elderly woman lift her shopping buggy onto the bus. Someone held someone else's baby when they needed a helping hand. Someone held the door for someone else. Someone gave up their seat on the subway for someone else. A car slowed to let someone merge into the lane. Someone made a dinner for the family that they would enjoy but that he couldn't eat himself (guess who that was). Two people inquired after an acquaintance who didn't look well. Someone asked my boss how they could help the refugees in her medical clinic. I asked someone to substitute teach on Sunday and she thanked me. Someone gave someone else a ride home from work so he didn't have to bus in the cold. And someone brought in the heavy garbage bins from the curb for me (guess who that was again).

In general, I think people are nice. Little courtesies go a long way to making the world a pleasant place.

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