Sunday, 3 April 2016


I have stumbled across three websites today that are giving away free downloads of my books. I know people have been accessing these because there are several reviews from readers (positive ones, I might add, which is some consolation). But really, I only get 90 cents a book at most each time a book sells in a bookstore, and it isn't enough to keep me in toner. I'm not getting rich off my writing; it's definitely a labour of love and I'll never be able to quit my detested day job. I stick with my writing because I like it and get emotional benefit from it. But I sincerely wish people wouldn't use these pirating websites and reduce what little money I do make with my writing. I'm sure other authors feel equally frustrated. We spend twelve months or longer working at each manuscript, spending countless hours to go through multiple rewrites, open ourselves up to critical reviews, rewrite again, and turn the whole baby over to the publisher, at which point it is entirely out of our hands, including setting the purchase price. I cram my writing into stolen snatches of time at four in the morning or eleven at night, take vacation days from work so I can write, and forego a lot of other activities so I can dedicate myself to it. And it hurts to think that there are people who will steal my creation to save themselves a few dollars. Please, people, boycott these pirating websites.  Thank you! Sorry to rant, but it had to be said.

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