Friday, 17 July 2015

Job Postings This Morning

I was scouting out some job postings this morning, just out of curiosity. Some of the fun ones I came across:
  • hog wrangler
  • weekend milker
  • senior cheese maker
  • funnel cake expert
  • games operator (for fairs and carnivals)
  • bus route designer
  • frozen dessert technician
Do people do these for a living? How do you get into these kinds of things? Imagine travelling around Ontario all summer working in a food truck that specializes in funnel cakes, corn dogs, and poutine. Or becoming an expert on delivering piglets. Or inventing new frozen desserts. Where do I sign up?

1 comment:

  1. You realize many of these are just euphemisms, right? "Frozen dessert technician" is just a fancy way to say "ice cream scooper, who also has to mop the floors, and clean up the mess left by someone else's three year old in the loo" ... or maybe the driver of the ice cream truck that incessantly plays the same tune over and over and over ... and over ... and over ... until the driver cracks, rams his truck into a telephone pole, and has to be carted off to the loony-bin only to be replaced by the next unsuspecting entrepreneurial soul who answers a want-ad for a "frozen desert technician." Hmm ... maybe there's something to this after all. (Mwahahahaha!)