Friday, 29 May 2015

Me and My Shadow

I was home ill for two days this week, most of it spent slumped on the couch or lying in bed (which is really unusual for me). Maple didn't seem to notice or care about the change in routine (he wouldn't notice if I moved to Istanbul). But Brio, poor fellow, didn't know what to do. He could sense I wasn't well, I think. Every time I sat down, he'd curl up with his head in my lap and gaze at me with worried eyes. He insisted on accompanying me to bed, where he lay snugly against my back, which is weird because he usually sleeps downstairs. I don't think he was more than an inch away from me the entire time.

Granted, he always follows me around the house, gently bumping the back of my knee with his nose from time to time as if to remind me I'm here. If I get up and go into the next room, he's like a cocklebur stuck to my ankle. Whenever I'm in the bathroom he throws himself down at the base of the door and whines in despair as if I've disappeared forever, and when I come out he jumps up in unbearable excitement. She's back! It's a magic trick! I feel like leaping out of the bathroom with my arms flung wide. "Ta da!"

It's comforting knowing he's there, a warm little ball of worry, looking out for me. Something soft and fuzzy I can always lay my hand on.

So why is it that, when I take him out on a walk, he's always straining at the end of the leash like a sled dog? When I let him into the backyard, why won't he come half of the time when I call him?

Silly dog.

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