Friday, 24 April 2015

Waiting, Patience, and all that other irritating stuff

Grandkid seems to have no intention of coming. He is completely disregarding the wishes of the adults who are all standing around waiting, car keys in hand. DIL has tried walking, bending, squatting, smelling some sort of natural oil that's supposed to induce labour, and blowing bagpipes. A few twinges, a false hope or two...and then nothing. Grandkid is comfortably ensconced and refuses to budge until summer. The only thing to do is try to ignore it and turn our attention to something else. That said, as we go about our regular activities, I know every sense of every adult in the house is tuned keenly into DIL's every move, every sound she makes, her very breath. The air vibrates with it. Being under such hopeful scrutiny must be driving her crazy.

Sometimes the universe has a different timetable than we do. We think something should happen to us right now and we get upset when it doesn't. It's one thing to believe God is at the helm and directing our lives for our good, and quite another to consequently say, "Thy will be done." Those four words can have a powerful effect on our lives, but they're very difficult to say and mean. Like two-year-olds, we stamp our feet and insist we know best. We have to go deeper, let go of our pride, our sorrow, and our hope, and learn to trust. The few times I've actually practised this, it has been well worth it, and the rewards have been astonishing.

So I'll do Sudoku and watch movies and walk the dogs and putter with my plants and try to let nature take its course without my assistance...or insistence.

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