Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Still Decluttering Each Day

I've been carrying on with my downsizing and decluttering, as I wrote about earlier. Mostly I've ditched clothes, but I've let go of a book or two as well, and two watches that no longer worked but seemed "fine" other than that... We do hang onto the stupidest things, don't we?

I'm also working on letting go of a grudge, which is a sort of emotional decluttering. Feeling bad about something or someone doesn't do you any good, and it certainly doesn't affect the person you have the grudge against, so you may as well let go of it. The Dalai Lama says that if you have the confidence you can handle whatever arises, you don't get angry. Anger tends to come from the fear that you can't control something. Well, it's time to confront negative feelings and let go of that anger.

I don't tend to take offense easily or get angry with people, in general. Having this negative feeling toward someone is new to me, and I find it uncomfortable and unwelcome. As I move into this next phase of life, as new life enters my home and I burrow deeper into home, I want to do it with a cheerful mind and an uncluttered heart.

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