Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Finding my Focus After Two Years

So I've been writing this blog for over two years now (I dislike the word "blogging" -- it sounds like something you would do in the hold of a pirate ship, with grog, or a whip, like flogging--either way, something one would do in private) and I think I've finally found the theme running through it. All my life I've had trouble narrowing down my scope. I want to be involved in everything, study everything, go everywhere...hence the three unfinished Masters Degrees in various subjects...hence the constant moving or wanting to move...and I dislike closing doors in general. I like variety and don't have a very long attention span. I play many roles -- wife, mother, grandmother, employee, writer, teacher, speaker, gardener... and I like it like that. Even my reading reflects it, as I jump from fiction to non-fiction through a range of topics.

My editor tells me it's difficult to market my books because I don't fit into one specific genre. I've written a romance, two historical fiction novels (with traces of romance or mystery), two mysteries, and a biography, and I have a children's book coming out this year. With most authors you can pick up their books and know what you're likely to get. They stick to one field and so they can find a following pretty easily. My books, like me, refuse to be pigeonholed. The Committee once called me in to get a look at me, because they weren't entirely convinced I was one person writing all these different stories.

I think my blog suffers from the same scatteredness...scatterliness? You know what I mean. Each posting is about something different, whatever pops into my head that day. But I do think, looking back on my posts, that some general themes keep emerging. Gardening, of course, and self reliance. Simplifying life and getting down to the basics. Slowing down the feverish rat race. Counting my blessings. I think all of them can be wrapped up into this: provident living and gratitude. With occasional tangents. I think, if that's what my life ends up being about in the end, I'm content with that.

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