Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Blueberry Farm for Sale

Wilson's Organic Blueberry Farm is for sale, out in Tweed, Ontario. Two acres of mature berry bushes and four acres of potential crop land, on a highway in an ideal spot, with an established pick-your-own business and a thousand clientele. And it's affordable. I want to sell my house and go raise blueberries.

I also want to rent a villa in Italy and take up cheesemaking.

And I want to get a cottage in the woods and spend my days walking the dogs along the river.

And I want to get a sleek condo in Toronto and dedicate my time to writing.

And I want to reduce down to a Tiny House.

And I want to not own anything but just travel the world.

And I want to teach English in Bhutan.


Which is why I will never make up my mind or actually do anything.

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