Monday, 10 November 2014

I love it when my husband is home

Hubby is off work at the moment, and he spent the last couple of days making homemade biscotti (cranberry almond), a lovely non-meat shepherd's pie that you would swear was beef, and pita and hummus. I got into the swing of it on Saturday and turned out two kinds of biscuits, some white bread, and homemade Wheat Thins (which turned out great if anyone wants the recipe).  The house smells great!

I love it when my husband is at home. I come home to a clean house, walked dogs, dinner cooking, washed laundry, and often rearranged furniture. I feel I can just walk in and feel at ease and not have to panic about anything or worry that something went undone. I am aware I am highly lucky. I listen to the women at work gather in the staff room and grouse about their husbands, who apparently can't do anything and can't be trusted to look after the gold fish, much less the children. I can't join in the gossip. I sit quietly with my leftover shepherd's pie and just smile.

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