Tuesday, 18 November 2014

First Sticking Snow

The snow hit on Sunday and has obscured the unraked leaves, the untrimmed roses, the un-dug onions. We're back to having to take twenty minutes to layer on all the clothing before being able to step outside. Thermal long-johns under your trousers, gloves inside mitts, sweatshirt under coat, scarf, hat, hood, double socks, boots... You feel like an Arctic explorer heading off on a month-long expedition just to waddle down to the bus to go to work.

And then there are those suave city men you see breeze onto the subway wearing just their suit and polished shoes, and you know they live in one of those expensive condo buildings where the subway runs beneath the building, and they work in one of those expensive places where the subway runs right beneath their workplace...These are the people who never go outdoors. No boots and earmuffs for them, oh no. They pop on and off the transit system without having to put a toe out in the cold.

It would be like being a mushroom, never seeing the sunlight, never feeling the cold slap your cheeks. Never breathing fresh air. All in all, I'd rather be the multi-layered Arctic explorer, thanks very much.

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