Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Costumes

Today Son Number Three dyed his hair (permanently) pink, put on a cow costume, and went to school as strawberry milk. As I type this, thirteen teenagers are eating candy in my basement, arrayed in a bewildering selection of unidentifiable costumes and sporting a rainbow of hair colours. When I was a little kid, we were either ballerinas, clowns, ghosts, or cowboys. I remember my little sister wearing a paper dog food bag like a dress, with a bone through her hair, and going food. But that was about as wild as it got.

Now the costumes are as unlimited as your imagination. Ninjas and pirates are passé. Now it's animé characters, video game characters, and downright witty inventions. A coworker covered herself in paint swatches and went as Fifty Shades of Gray. The fun thing is that most costumes I'm seeing this year are homemade, not off the rack, which is creative and took some thought and effort.

I'm not a great fan of Halloween, but I'm all for creativity and I like seeing hordes of teenagers enjoying themselves in wholesome ways. So every now and then I open the basement door and throw them food, and from the noise level it sounds like it's a successful party.

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