Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Awful Events in Ottawa

I am alarmed at what happened today. I am saddened for the family of the reservist who was shot. But I am also saddened for the family of the shooter, who also lost a son today. I can't imagine their horror. I am even more alarmed at the spewing of hatred I'm seeing on Facebook. Meeting hate with hate is not the way to bring about a peaceful world. We are being perhaps too hasty jumping to conclusions about who and what the shooter was. We don't know if he was a terrorist or if he was mentally ill. We cannot judge the situation so soon with such little information. And if we run around getting militant about it, or start hiding our uniforms in public, or painting everyone with a "foreign" name with one brush, then the terrorists will have won regardless.

My two cents.

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  1. Well, with that kind of rational, careful, compassionate response, you can kiss your cable news career aspirations goodbye.

    I was so sad to hear this news. There's a certain kind of feeling you get in your stomach when you hear about mass or random public shootings, kind of like being socked, but it just stays with you for a while. I hope e Canadians don't get as familiar with it as we Americans have. Welcome to the coalition, I guess?