Sunday, 3 August 2014

Oh, and the Gelato!

How could I have forgotten to mention the gelato? Every day, sometimes twice a day...such amazing, rich flavours! Fior di latte (however you spell it), hazelnut, coconut, strawberry, lemon...everything seems to have a more intense taste in Italy. Or maybe it was because I was in slow-motion-vacation mode and actually took time to taste what I was eating, instead of bolting down my toast while running for the bus at five in the morning... Anyway, the food was amazing in general -- carbonara, pecorino, plump grapes, Bucaneve almond cookies, Nutella, Magnum bars, chewy bread dipped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil, salty crunchy grissini, crispy pizza with eggplant on it, gnocchi to die for -- but the gelato was the most amazing. I admit I fell off the vegetarian bandwagon a few times (hard not to when you're someone's guest) but there's no excuse for the unabashed sheer enjoyment I felt with a mouthful of pancetta and fresh parmesan...

And the Milka chocolate bars, and Galak white chocolate bars, and Tic Tacs in bizarre flavours like blood orange and pineapple and coconut, and did I mention the Nutella? And the variety of Kinder chocolates (all kinds of which we don't get in Canada). And chinotto in black pop cans. And fresh olives and feta cheese and raw spinach on focaccia and deep red tomatoes drizzled in olive oil topped with slabs of soft mozzarella...

Pardon me while I wipe off the computer monitor. I think a little drool got on it.

I knew we were in for a great thing when we were on the plane on our way there. We flew Alitalia. Need I say more? There's no way to describe the delight on a teenage boy's face when he realizes it's half past midnight and the airline attendant has just served him hot roasted chicken and potatoes, ham and potato salad, a delicious bread roll with butter, and a cup of fruit. There were even packets of salt and pepper and a moist towelette to wash with. I had the pasta al forno with eggplant. They offered wine to everyone, not just First Class. At one point in the meal, my husband leaned over and said, "Air Canada gives you a bag of pretzels."

That kinda says it all.

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