Saturday, 5 July 2014

Irony in the Garden

Why is it that the golden chain tree I pamper and fuss over struggles and dies, but the volunteer oaks and maples in my hedge that I repeatedly behead flourish and thrive? The tenderly cared-for vegetable seedlings in my garden gasp and fade while the maltreated weeds next to them zoom off like rockets.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Native species and all of that. But it hardly seems fair. Luckily the weeds are mostly edible, because the veggies aren't doing too well. Today's salad has:
  • two kinds of lettuce
  • radishes
  • plaintain
  • purslane
  • lamb's quarters
  • orange lilies
  • lavender
  • chives
  • garlic scapes
  • wild strawberries
I only planted 5 of those. The rest are volunteers.

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