Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Signs of Spring

The temperature climbed to about 9 yesterday and people suddenly burst from their homes like seeds from a milk weed pod, scattering out into the sunshine. People walking their dogs, pushing toddlers in swings at the park, zinging past on skateboards, washing their cars. A general feeling of, "Hey! I remember you!" and "Hail fellow, well met!"  A thicket of "For Sale" signs has sprung up too -- a sure sign of spring. Had they been planning all winter to sell their houses and were just waiting for the spring market? Or was there something about the fresh air that made them wake up yesterday morning and say, "What a gorgeous day! I think I'll sell up!" More likely it was the thought, "I'm never going through another winter like that again. I'm getting out while I can and moving to Belize."

The spring air is energizing. I feel the familiar tug beginning. Time to drive through the countryside and watch for new lambs. Time to dig out the work gloves and hoses. Time to set up a million tiny pots under the grow lights. Time to pack away the hated snow boots. Time to scoop the poop in the backyard that's been frozen in place all winter (we don't call it the Dog Bog for nothing). Time to plant lettuce. Time to get to know the neighbours again. Time to breathe deeply and smile up at the benevolent sky for the first time since October.

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