Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Halfway There

Today I turn 45. I'm sure the significance of giving birth on D-Day wasn't lost on my mother.

I figure I'm about halfway done. My goal is to live to 90, and it's not a far-fetched idea. Many of my ancestresses lived to their late 80s, and one lived to be 107. So I felt this would be a good time to take stock of the "Bucket List" and see how I'm doing. Ordinarily I dislike lingo or new terminology, but the term "Bucket List" is handy, and I think having one is valuable. I'm not entirely sure what's on mine, but I know a few things, and the majority of them have happened already.

I've married and had children, and now I'm enjoying having a grandchild - and I'd love to have more. I finished school. I have my own home. I've been published. I've traveled - and I'd love to do more. What else, really, is there to put on the list?

Well, I want to see my children and grandchildren grow up. I'd like to go on a cattle drive. I want to go dog sledding. I want to see the Northern Lights again. I wouldn't mind finishing my Masters. I want to learn to operate a greenhouse and maybe start a nursery. I'd like to see Ireland. I want to learn Iroquois. So I guess there are still a few things left. But I think the best things to put on the list are the simplest ones: Laugh a lot. Eat well. Be kind to people. Get to bed earlier. In the end, those will make the most difference in my life and be the most satisfying.

I'd l\ove to hear what's on your list. Maybe we can help each other reach them. Is there a company out there that will help you complete your Bucket List? If not, there should be. Someone to help Granny go bungee jumping. Someone to whisk Fred off to Egypt or take Mabel whitewater rafting. Someone to call me up at nine o'clock every night and say "Bed time."

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  1. Happy Birthday ... and here's to another 45 (at least !!!) .... oh, and on my bucket list --> I would have LOVED to meet the Queen Mum, but as that's not possible, would LOVE to meet The Queen.