Saturday, 16 June 2012

Burlington Sound of Music Festival

No one told me when I first started playing the bagpipes that I would be risking heat stroke and hernia nearly every summer weekend for the rest of my life. I should have stuck to the piano. No one asks them to wrap themselves in 8 yards of wool and walk several kilometers in 90-degree weather.

On the other hand, piping does have its advantages. You get to skip work and school to do performances. I got to play for Prince Charles once (he was surprisingly and disappointingly short). I actually got P.E. credit in university for playing (it's an aerobic activity, after all). It comes in handy when trying to give the noisy partyers next door a hint at two in the morning. I can use the pipes to call the kids home from the park two blocks away. And piping led me to meet my husband. So I guess it's worth the heat stroke in the end.

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