Monday, 7 January 2019


Well, that hope died pretty quickly! It's about -15 today and the snow is coming down thick and fast. They're calling for a good dump of it tonight. The wind is shaking the windows and banging the outside flap in the oven hood vent (like a child banging a pot lid). The snow is coming down sideways, and I can see a weird little circular eddy of wind stirring the flakes up like a mini tornado on the pool cover. Fascinating!

Brio is curled up on my foot letting out little impatient whines like the slow air leak of a punctured inner tube. He wants a walk, but I am not sure I want to brave this chilling wind right now. Then again, if I don't go now, it may mean wading through a foot of snow later. Out I'll go, and then I'll turn on the fireplace channel (because our gas fireplace isn't working) and curl up with a novel. That's what winter's really for! Every so often I have a fit of temporary insanity and consider taking up snow shoeing or cross-country skiing, and I still want to try dog-sledding. And then the reality slaps me in the face when I open the door to the stinging-cold wind, and I realize I'm really not the Arctic Adventurer type. Hot chocolate and Barbara Erskine it is!

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