Sunday, 7 February 2016

I Saw a Robin

Okay, this is really weird. Either it hasn't gotten cold enough yet for the robins to leave, or they're a month and a half early coming back. I track on the calendar every year the sighting of the first robin, as the herald of spring. When I saw the little guy at the park while I was walking the dog, I couldn't believe it. Was he lost? Left behind in the stampede south? And then I heard another one singing. Yep, sure enough, the robins are here.

We've only shoveled the snow twice this year, and it's hardly gotten below freezing for more than a few days. There are buds on the magnolias, and someone at work reported their tulips are actually blooming. I'm not starting my seedlings yet, though. I'm piling more mulch on the garlic and hoping they don't raise their heads quite yet. There's got to be another winter storm somewhere ahead of us. We can't get off this lightly!

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