Saturday, 12 December 2015

Tiny Things

I recently read a book by Barney Bardsley in which she says she learned to "...appreciate the tiny details of life -- a fat bud coming into flower, the particular way a shaft of sunlight pierced the window...and [stopped] looking for the bigger picture. Big is just a sum of all these tiny parts."

If you want to have a joyful life, you find joy in all the tiny little moments, each little thing in life, because all of these add up to overall joy. The future is made up of a bunch of little nows.

So these are the joyful things I bumped into today:
  • the bliss of waking up and realizing it's Saturday and I've slept in an extra two hours
  • watching Brio all ecstatic over a new soccer ball
  • the buttery goodness of golden fudge melting on my tongue (yeah, okay, so the diet is on hiatus today)
  • the crunch of autumn leaves under foot
  • a crisp blue sky totally unusual for this time of year
  • watching a fascinating, huge pita oven/cooling machine at the new Adonis grocery store
  • my grandson's sweet, big smile when he sees me
  • going to the dentist and learning I have no cavities
  • coming home this evening to find everyone asleep and the house wonderfully quiet. I can stretch out on the couch with a novel and just soak in it.

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