Friday, 12 June 2015

The Gift of Books

An Amazon gift card for my birthday! The perfect -- really the only -- gift for me. I whipped out my list I've been keeping of books I want, compared it to the catalogue at the library to make sure I couldn't get them there, and debated for a couple of hours before finally making my choices. Such a lovely thing, to scroll through the website looking at books, admiring covers, reading blurbs, studying the authors. It's like being turned loose in a deli -- you want to sample everything.

I chose three: one of them a favourite I've read before and want to collect, one of them a book from the 1940s that I've had on my list for several years, and one a new one I just became aware of. Now to wait for their arrival, like anticipating a good meal...

Thanks Mom and Dad for the adventure!

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