Saturday, 17 January 2015

New Adventure

For Christmas, Son Number Three got the materials for making sushi. Today we are going to try it. From the look of the instructions, it could turn out simple and fun, or it could turn into a complicated mess. We will see how it turns out! If results are successful, I will post pictures. If not, we'll just move on and pretend this never happened. At least we can eat our mistakes.

I like trying new things and exploring new hobbies. There are so many new experiences to try. My past is littered with glass paints, balls of yarn, Hardanger fabric, and bins of embroidery floss. My closets overflow with guitar music books, riding boots, and pipe band uniforms. Sometimes -- like knitting and crochet -- it sticks, and sometimes -- like English dressage lessons -- it is a fun-but-only-done-once experience. Other things I've abandoned halfway through and acknowledged that I'm not suited for it--or it's not suited to me. (Flashback to a purple leotard and pink tights and Colleen Collins Smith barking Glissade! Glissade!  while she beat time on the floor with a stick. Or the time I had to do the "Jingle Bell Rock" on stage in my pajamas. Some things are better left unvisited.)

I enjoy hanging hand-made ornaments on the Christmas tree, and I like watching the sunlight shine through my bamboo painted-glass picture in the living room window. I like browsing through a photo album of things I've tried and activities I've done. I'm glad I had parents who encouraged us to try new things and find what fit for us. I've tried a ton of things, from ballet to clogging, banjo to bagpipes, Welsh to Bislama. I still have a list of things I want to try, but I am happy so far with the few things I've settled on.

Now it's my son's turn to explore his interests (Japanese, art, bagpipes, and piano so far). It's fun to watch and see what he will settle on, what sort of person he will become.

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