Saturday, 15 February 2014

Wedding Today!

My lovely niece Sarah is getting married today! I'm so happy for them both I'm giddy. I wish so much that I could be there, but circumstances and finances just wouldn't allow it. But my heart is there in the thick of things, across the continent. I'm praying for good weather for all those travelling to be there.

This is the first "grandchild" wedding for my parents, who are currently in England serving as missionaries for a year. They won't be able to attend either, but I'm sure the family will take advantage of the miracle of Skype later on. I tend to be the last person to get on the technology bandwagon (I don't even own a cell phone), but I am so grateful for this modern invention that lets me see the face of my granddaughter and keep in touch with my family. Thank you to whoever invented Skype! It makes the miles seem shorter. I don't know how I survived without it, all those isolated years when my children were small.

Sarah and Jake met because of Swing Dance, and I thought of them last night as I attended dance class. It seemed an appropriate thing to do on Valentine's Day. I wish them every happiness and I'm confident that a wonderful future lies ahead of them. Life can be tough and marriage requires a lot of sacrifice and hard work, but they have been well equipped to face it together. And they have a terrific family behind them.

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