Thursday, 1 August 2013

Reinventing Life - a Call for Stories

I recently turned in another manuscript to the publisher and have a few days' breather before the next edits start. Time enough to start thinking about the next book I'd like to write.

I have always been fascinated by people who suddenly reinvent themselves midway through life. The paediatrician who goes to Nunavut, lives in a yurt, and makes ceremonial masks. The high-power business executive who sells all and becomes a pig farmer. The 59-year-old I know who decided to go to med school. The woman who left husband and five children and went to run a Baptist mission in New Guinea. People who dare to think outside the conventional box and try a different path. It takes a certain nerve, a willingness to risk, to dare to think life could be different. People, in short, who are braver than I am.

I have started collecting these kinds of stories, and I think they will make an interesting book. I would welcome hearing from any readers out there who have a similar story they would like to share with me. I can be contacted through my website Thank you!

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