Monday, 1 July 2013

I'm washing worms

So we didn't check the supply of crickets before the long weekend, and we only have two left. So in desperation I went out to the garden and brought in five small earthworms and a little caterpillar. Rinsed the dirt off. And put them in the bowl in the chameleon's cage. My goodness! He scampered - if such a slow-moving critter can be said to scamper - and slurped them up like spaghetti. And sat in his bowl looking expectant until I put in more. I don't know how good they are for him, but he certainly likes them. Maybe even chameleons get tired of a cricket-and-superworm diet, day after day. How horrible it must be, to be stuck in a cage and unable to go forage for one's self. To be stuck eating whatever is put before you, with no other options and no way to request a menu change.

I went to the farmer's market on Saturday and found myself growing increasingly depressed as I went up and down the rows of tables laden with local produce. I miss being able to grow it all myself. I miss the option of going out to the backyard and returning with everything I need for a meal. I can't bring myself to buy zucchini, when most years I have such a surfeit of it. And who wants to buy a pepper with a sticker on it? Really? Stickers on my food? Why not just print a barcode right on it?

I know this year is unusual and hopefully by next year I will be able to garden again at the same intensity as before. Until then, I have to be satisfied with Styrofoam green beans (really, how big are they trying to grow them??) and questionable basil. I'll have to knuckle under and purchase zucchini (and hope that no one I know is watching this fall from grace). This is my year to do things I never envisioned I would do.

Including washing worms.

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