Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Visit with my Sister

My sister came to visit this week, taking three flights from Idaho to reach me here in Canada. That alone tells you what a fantastic and supportive person she is. It was a week filled with long walks by the river, leisurely swims, lavender cookies, and evenings of quiet knitting. We explored jewel-box churches in Toronto, bought baskets of produce at the St. Jacobs Market, got mist-soaked at Niagara Falls, and just talked. She is five years my senior and I have always considered her very wise, perceptive, and level-headed. No one would believe it, but we have never fought, at least not since I was four and coloured war paint on her doll with a ballpoint pen. (Honestly, I thought it made her look better.)

We only get to see each other at family reunions every few years, when there are always lots of other people about, so it was nice to get her all to myself for six days. That bond is always there, a given, but this week made our friendship even stronger. I feel somehow refreshed and fortified for her having been here.

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